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20200710-0930 Evidence from writing/coding next to SR-71 sound weapon

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prosody Contexte

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I was working at when the SR-71 pilot came by. I uploaded my audio .wav to Youtube immediately at (and paid money with my real name) for integrity, my sound editor did not touch that (sadly YT does not allow just audio officially, thinks audio is a second class citizen to video here, and you wonder why the internet of people who use audio too has problems). Next time I will use a live TV news channel to timestamp. Originally saved as "20200710-0930 Recording #37 #118 #SoundWeapon #SoundTorture #037.wav" with SmartVoiceRecorder tool. I had to crank my equalizer to hear my own evidence. Made 9:30:31 to be exact, to help the 10:17 sound weapon timestamping.

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