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MIDEA air conditioner commercial: Sad Mona Lisa

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Midea launched its new BreezeleSS+ air conditioning unit in the European market. The new air conditioning unit has a unique selling point of cooling while being windless at the same time. The new film pays homage to the genius inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci and tells the story of how he created the BreezeleSS+ while being commissioned to paint the beautiful wife of a trader in Florence. By correctly identifying the reason why she cannot smile, Leonardo Da Vinci invented the BreezeleSS+ so that she can finally sit still and be painted by him. The rest, as they say, is history. The ending voiceover says: Innovation can put a smile on everyone. With mini-hole matrix technology, Midea BreezeleSS+ air conditioner provides the all-new cooling for those who demand real comfort. The spot was directed by Alessandro De Leo and produced by Section80 in Milan under the supervision of F5 Shanghai.

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