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Naked Beach Double Yoga

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Naturally Naked Nudes

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Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to integrate body, mind and spirit. Naked yoga, or “spiritual nudity” has also been promulgated by various Indian sects going back millennia. For example, members of the Hindu sect, the Nagas, believe nudity to be a central aspect of their renunciation practice. They consider this nudity to be part of their belief that the material aspect of existence must be rejected in order to attain enlightenment. For them, naked yoga is a way of overcoming desires and any identification with their physical bodies, and a means to eliminate all attachments, especially the physical and sensual. In the West, yoga and other esoteric teachings of the East, have entered more mainstream philosophy and practices since the cultural revolution of the 60s. Indeed, yoga has become so accepted as a way of strengthening and loosening the body, that there are now professional athletes and footballers who use it. Nude yoga, however, remains challenging, especially in public where nudity is often banned. In this video, two ladies perform beach yoga in tandem on the back-beach of Byron Bay, Australia. Several classic yoga poses are presented, such as downward dog, but in a manner that brings beauty and artistry to the female form. Music by Eddie Blatt from his album "Transylvanian Delights" (movement #4):

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