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In Depth Beginners Guide to Mob of the Dead Solo Tutorial! All Buildables & Tomahawk etc

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This is an in depth complete tutorial guide to help you beginners at this map! it shows you how to make all buildables and even get the tomahawk and the FREE blundergat! if it helped you subscribe and thumbs up! More Mob of the dead here! Lootcrate Geek Swag! Sign up here! My Sneaker Channel - My Lets Play Channel - Twitter - @djhessss Instagram @heskicks Tags: "mob of the dead guide" "mob of the dead strategy" "mob of the dead tutorial" "mob of the dead tips" "mob of the dead tricks" "mob of the dead tips and tricks" "how to" "mob of the dead best" "mob of the dead guide" "High round strategy" "golden spork" "golden spork easter egg" "how to get the golden spork"

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