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Cavernous Cove | Grayskare ANIMATED (ft JakeTheDrake209 and Bombot97)

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Professor Toot

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JakeTheDrake209 made the design and sound: Bombot did the animation: Name: Grayskare Elements: Demon, Haunted, Fur Sound: Honky Tonk/Saloon Piano & Ghostly Choir How it makes it’s sound: Plays it’s piano teeth & singing Breeding Combos: Phant-O-Fant & Lucifork, Cadavox & Pufflu, Unichero & Psyclaunt Homeland: Devilish Depths, Cavernous Cove Bio: Talk about a blast to the past! Grayskare was originally 3 spirits who robbed banks and stores in the old west, building up a large fortune. This all came crashing down on them when a giant piano, well, came crashing down on them! Being outlaws for so long gave them lots of time to find hiding spots all around the spectral world, so they were the first people Seelsteal Called in the search for Pufflu. Name origin: Combination Of Grayscale and scare

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