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Caught Red Handed!!! W. H. O. admits Vaccines Are Not Safe

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To see more videos subscribe here: ================== Shocking clips from inside The W.H.O. Global Vaccine Safety Summit on Dec. 2 & 3 2019. Rarely does the general public get to hear what vaccine scientists and public health officials really think about vaccines. Instead, the simplistic (and propagandistic) mantra aired ad infinitum for public consumption is that vaccines are “safe and effective”—full stop. As the transcripts from the secret Simpsonwood meeting revealed two decades ago, however, when the experts are among themselves, they tell a different story—and, as a new behind-closed-doors video powerfully reveals, they are still far from convinced of their own safety message. ================= Credit to The HighWire with Del Bigtree. Please Subscribe to his Channel here: ================= SOURCE: World Health Organization Watch the original videos here: ================ Music: Eternity by Whitesand Subscribe to his Channel:

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