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Black Ops 1 Zombies Reimagined - Official Trailer (AVAILABLE NOW)

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BO1 Reimagined installation instructions: 1. Download the latest version of game_mod. (This is the tool that allows mods to run on BO1 without modifying game files and is required for BO1 Reimagined to work.) 2. Drag the contents inside of the folder into your BO1 folder. (not the actual folder itself, but what is inside the folder) 3. Download the latest version of BO1 Reimagined. 4. If using the .exe, follow the simple steps and make sure to choose the correct directory for your BO1 folder and it will automatically install. If using the .zip, drag the contents inside of the folder into your BO1 folder. 5. Launch the game using the shortcut "Call of Duty Black Ops (Reimagined)" which should now be in your BO1 folder. (This shortcut can be moved anywhere.) View the complete list of changes in BO1 Reimagined: Videos showcasing the changes made to BO1 Reimagined: Twitter: Twitch: Discord:

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