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#HindiTrailers2019 #HindiDubbedTrailers2019 #BollywoodTrailers2019 #AScandall A Scandall is story of Kuhu, a 9 year old girl, drowns in a lake in Nainital. Soon after, her father, Manav falls off a cliff but lives on to lead a strange life of hallucinations and complete metamorphosis. Manav now sees his dead daughter. When Vidhu, a film school pass out, hears this story from his girlfriend Koya, he finds it interesting enough to turn it into a film. A small crew of four set out for Nainital, hoping to film paranormal activities going around Kuhu's family. Very little they know that their exploits will lead them into a quagmire of incest, sex and an unsolved murder mystery.

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