Dawn of the dead 2004 full movie #horror

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Subscribe for more movies ____________________________________________________ Sarah Polley: Ana Ving Rhames: Kenneth Jake Weber: Michael Mekhi Phifer: Andre Ty Burrell: Steve Michael Kelly: CJ Kevin Zegers: Terry Michael Barry: Bart Lindy Booth: Nicole Jayne Eastwood: Norma Inna Korobkina: Luda Boyd Banks: Tucker Matt Frewer: Frank R.D. Reid: Glen Kim Poirier: Monica Bruce Bohne: Andy Scott H. Reiniger: Der General Tom Savini: Der Bezirkssheriff Ken Foree: Der Televangelist Zack Snyder: Kommando am Weißen Haus Louis Ferreira: Luis Hannah Lochner: Vivian ____________________________________________________ Directed byZack SnyderProduced by Richard P. Rubinstein Marc Abraham Eric Newman Screenplay byJames GunnBased on Dawn of the Dead by George A. Romero Starring Sarah Polley Ving Rhames Jake Weber Mekhi Phifer Music byTyler BatesCinematographyMatthew F. LeonettiEdited by Niven Howie Production Strike Entertainment Companies New Amsterdam Entertainment Distributed by Universal Pictures Release date March 19, 2004 ____________________________________________________ Music in this Video Learn more Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Tyler Bates Artist Tree Adams

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