I Just Got Scammed - Hypixel Skyblock Original Song

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I thought it was pretty obvious but i just want to make this clear this was a joke , i have never been scammed on skyblock Thank you Micninja2 for helping with the video, check out his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMGMSD8K5LF-cQYWwxZwxqw Background songs Patrick Patrikios - jukebox Want to know every time i upload a video ? that's easy all you need to do is subscribe and hit that bell thingy Im on the Social Networks Foz Realz www.facebook.com/Dragonhanx www.instagram.com/dragonhanx www.twitter.com/dragonhanx Help Me Buy a GTR....jk a cup of coffee https://streamlabs.com/yt_dragonhanx/tip

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